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Online Therapy

Online therapy is therapy offered by a therapist or clinical psychologist using internet applications. Interviews with an Internet-enabled device (for example, computer, tablet or phone) can be considered as an alternative to or used as a complement to face-to-face therapy. Online therapy can be a suitable option for those who live abroad or try not to disrupt the rhythm of daily life. It can also be a suitable option for those who are away from home and office, who do not want to waste time in traffic, or who want therapy  in their comfort zone.

Information about online therapy

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Emotional Abuse in Romantic Relationships

12 February 2024 Time: Online at 20:00 (via Zoom application)

You can get information by contacting us on Instagram @tarabyarotaract .



9-10 February 2024 Time: 10:30 - 15:00

Bahçeşehir University Law Conference Hall

9 February - 10:30: Prof. Dr. Gökhan Malkoc

Psychosocial Application Model in the February 6 Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes: DEPSDA

9 February - 12:00: Clinical Psychologist Leyla Akça Atik

Post-Disaster Mental Health and the PSD Maze


9 February - 13:30: Dr. Clinical Psychologist Pınar Arslantürk

In the Absence of the Other

10 February - 10:30: Clinical Psychologist Suzi Amado

Trauma and Art Therapy

10 February - 12:00: Clinical Psychologist Ersin Bayramkaya

Working with Trauma from an Existential Perspective

10 February - 13:30: Clinical Social Psychologist Zeynep İclal İncioğlu

Humanitarian Aid Perspective in the Emergency Field: Hatay Example

*The seminar will only be open to participants who are pursuing or have completed a bachelor's / master's degree in psychology.


Childhood Neglect and Abuse

On November 20, 2023, at 18:00, at Caddebostan Cultural Center, Expert Clinical Psychologist Dr. All our people can attend Çiğdem Koşe's health seminar free of charge.

II. Traditional Psychology Spring Summit: Trauma

Topkapı University Psychology Summit

Event Title:II. Traditional Psychology Spring Summit: Trauma

Place:Kazlıçeşme Campus G Block Conference Hall

History:April 10-11

Organizer of the Event:Psychology Club

Program for Monday, April 10:

10.00 –Assoc. Dr. Aslı ENEZ DARÇIN – The Risk of Addiction in Traumatized Individuals

11:00 –prof. Dr. Kadir ÖZDEL – Metacognitive Therapy of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Online)

12.00 –Dr. Instructor Member Mehmet Fatih VARLI – Gifted and Trauma

14.00 –Dr. Instructor Member Kahraman GULER – Trauma EMDR

15.00 –Dr. Instructor Member Çiğdem KÖŞE – Traumatic Grief

Program for Monday, April 11:

10.00 –prof. Dr. Önder KAVAKÇI – Polyvagal Theory (Online)

11:00 –prof. Dr. Öget ÖKTEM TANÖR – Developmental Learning Disability, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Aphasia Examination, Mental State Examination, Effect of Anxiety on Learning and Memory, Epilepsy, Memory, Behavioral Disorders and Cognition from a Neuroscience Perspective (The Effect of Trauma on Neuropsychology and Cognition)

12.00 –Assoc. Dr. Burcu ERDOĞDU – Gender Dysforia (Online)

14.00 –Dr. Instructor Member Burcu TÜRK – The Relationship of Childhood Traumas to Crime and Violence

15.00 –Dr. Instructor Member Sait KAHRAMAN – Secondary Traumatic Stress and Psychological Relief

online therapy


face to face therapy


When we accept who we are, we are ready to change.
Carl Rogers



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